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  • No humiliating massage
  • No expensive pills
  • No negative side-effects
  • Clinically proven efficiency
  • Natural ingredients


  • All stages of prostatitis
  • Erectile dysfunction and impotency
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Male infertility
  • Frequent urination
  • Pains in crotch and scrotum
  • Inflammation
  • Discomfort and burning in the groin

What makes the American urological plasters different from any other means to treat male impotence and prostate issues, is that they work to remove the very causes of your problem, rather than its symptoms. Which makes them a method with both high effectiveness and sustainable results.

What are these American urological plasters, and what is the explanation for their high efficiency?

American transdermal urological plasters are truly a medicine from the future, because when compared to pills, ointments and creams which are commonly used today, they have a whole bunch of advantages. They deliver healing substances into the body through the skin (trans – through, derma – skin) without going into the digestive tract.

Similar urological plasters were used in the past by Tibetan monks, but only nowadays we managed to improve their efficiency, and make them as efficient as antibiotics. Such progress was made possible by nanotechnologies. The growth of nanotechnology in USA brought many unexpected results. American scientists managed to considerably shrink the size of healing particles (to the size of nanoparticles), allowing virtually unlimited absorption of these substances through the skin

A new method of supplying healing substances into human body.

ProstaPlast urological plasters can be applied to any part of the navel area - under, above, left or right of the belly button. Wherever it feels comfortable for the particular peson. This body area has a high number of blood vessels under the skin. What they do is deliver the blood saturated with the plasters' healing elements to the genitourinary tract - where the problem lies.

The body heat warms up the plaster, which causes the active ingredients in the plaster to start melting. Thus the ingredients are absorbed by the skin and into the blood vessels.

This allows continual, long-term and most importantly constant supply of healing compounds to the relevant parts of the body, greatly improving their functioning.

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The obvious advantages of using the urological plasters

1 plaster can be used mutiple times within 72 hours. You can remove the plaster when you take a shower, and then apply it to the skin again.

The American urological plasters
contain extracts from 7 healing herbs

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What do people who already tried the plasters say about them?

They helped me to overcome prostatitis…

I was suffering from chronic prostatitis for more than 10 years – it periodically developed into acute form. I was trying to recover from it all the time – I was dieting, trying not to get cold, etc. Some procedures helped, but they would never allow me to completely overcome the problem. About six months ago a friend of mine recommended me to use these urological plasters. I took two subsequent treatments to make sure it works (the price was not high, so I could afford it). And now I have been living without prostate problems for 5 months. I got cold several times during those 5 months (it is a common thing when you work on a construction site, after all), but prostatitis never returned. Great product – I recommend it to all men!

John, 41 years

I feel so much better.

I am 38. I was suffering from a pain when peeing for about a year. Moreover I also had a potency problem (several years already), and occasionally I also felt pain in scrotum. I feel a lot better now – the pain is gone, and I am using just the third plaster so far. I felt first signs of relief already on the second day of using the first plaster. My potency also got significantly better. I am satisfied. Thanks!

Bryan, 38 years

As if I am 10 years younger!

The American urological plasters are a great product! The results exceeded all my expectations. Not only did all the pain disappear, but I also felt a surge of power for the first time in so many years. As if I am 10 years younger. Both my productivity and mood got better, my manly power grew, just like my confidence when talking to women. I would never even think that something like that was possible. It is the best product I have ever tried!

Michael, 53 years

These urological plasters are several times more efficient than pills

To be honest I did not believe in the effects of natural medicine – not even if it is American, and that is why I applied the first plaster with a considerable dose of skepticism. And I only tried the plasters because my wife persuaded me to! But I was wrong to doubt their effectiveness... The results were truly astonishing. The urological plasters were my first experience with American medicine, and they made me change my attitude toward natural methods. The plasters ProstaPlast are several times more efficient than pills. Now I can confirm it based on my personal experience.

Jack, 31 years
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1 treatment cycle consist of using 5 plasters. We recommend that you do 2 – 3 treatments (using 10-15 plasters) to achieve the best results.

On the product box there are detailed instructions for use.

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